Waxing Columbus Indiana

Chin? Yep. Upper lip? You know it. Brazilian? We do that, too!


If it’s got hair, we’ll wax it!


Whether you just want your brows waxed, or you want a completely hairless body, our estheticians will ensure you get the best results possible.

We’ll help reveal smoother, cleaner, and shinier skin.


No matter if you’re a first-time waxer or old pro, relax! We’ve seen it all, and we’re not here to judge. We just want to help you feel gorgeous!

We want your waxing visit to be as comfortable as possible.

waxing columbus
waxing columbus in
waxing columbus indiana

Some things to know before your wax:

    • Some people experience discomfort or irritation with waxing, but this is brief and totally worth the end result.


    • Please do not use a tanning bed 24 hours BEFORE or AFTER your appointment, as this could cause additional unnecessary discomfort.
      If you want a tropical glow, a Tahitian spray tan can be done AFTER your wax.


    • For best results, do not shave the area you want to be waxed for at least two weeks before your appointment.
      Ideally, hair growth needs to be about ¼ inch.


    • If you wax consistently (about every 4-6 weeks), new hair growth becomes thinner and finer with each waxing session. This means that each appointment is easier than the last!



Eyebrows $20   |   Lip $17   |   Chin $17   |   Full face $42   |   Nose $8 Ear(s) $8


Full arm $50    |     Half arm $40     |     Underarms $30


Bikini $35     |     Full bikini $40     |     Brazilian $72


Half leg $60     |     Full leg $80    |     Feet & toes $15


Back $60     |     Chest $55



Full arm $50    |     Half arm $40     |     Underarms $30


Bikini $40     |     Full bikini $45


Half leg $55     |     Full leg $80     |     Feet & toes $15


Back $70     |     Chest $60



In the interest of our customers, Elite Wellness & Beauty strictly enforces the following late policy:


If you are running late, Elite Wellness & Beauty will try to accommodate your beauty treatments, however, the treatment may need to be shortened if there is another conflicting commitment. More details on the Late, Cancellation and other policies can be found on the Salon Policies page.