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We use DreamCatchers hair extensions to easily add length or volume to your hair and transform the appearance of fine, lifeless or short hair into thick, long, beautiful-looking hair.


DreamCatchers is the #1 brand in hair extensions


And the quality speaks for itself. These are no ordinary hair extensions! They can be styled, permed, or colored, so you can treat them exactly as you would your natural hair. What’s more, we don’t use any damaging glues, waxes, or chemicals like most other extension systems. And with proper maintenance, your extensions will be reusable, so you can enjoy thick, luscious hair month after month.

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Silicone Free

Unlike glue-in systems which are dipped in silicone to create the illusions of silky hair (which washes out and drops performance after a few washes), DreamCatchers is such a premium quality that they perform without losing luster.

100% Remy Hair

DreamCatchers extensions are a unique blend of Remy hair which means that the cuticles are intact, and the hair runs from root to point.

I-Tip Extensions

Uses a patented rubberized tip that allows extensions to lay flat against your head.

Tape Extensions

Allows you to quickly add more volume in areas you need it the most.

Over 40 Colors and Blends

With a rainbow of colors, match your current color or create any look you want.

Long-Lasting Quality

DreamCatchers extensions use a tipping system that is made of a polyurethane (rubberized material) that doesn’t damage the extensions or your natural hair. This system allows you to reuse the same extensions month after month, so you can have the extended enjoyment of amazing-looking hair.



In the interest of our customers, Elite Wellness & Beauty strictly enforces the following late policy:


If you are running late, Elite Wellness & Beauty will try to accommodate your beauty treatments, however, the treatment may need to be shortened if there is another conflicting commitment. More details on the Late, Cancellation and other policies can be found on the Salon Policies page.