Health & Safety
The health of our staff, our clients, and our community will remain our top priority as we navigate re-opening. Please read the following guidelines and precautions that will be mandatory for all appointments. We are requiring a consent form and questionnaire be signed by everyone before receiving services. This is available for you here, to print off and sign to bring with you to your appointment to provide you with a more contact-less experience during your time in the Salon. We look forward to seeing you again!
What we ask from you
  • All consent forms and any additional paper work MUST be signed before receiving your services.
  • We cannot provide a waiting room at this time, please stay in your vehicle and wait for a call or text from the Salon or service provider when they are ready for you. We advise parking in front of the building so we can also wave you in!
  • No beverages or magazines will be available.
  • Please limit the amount of personal property you bring in with you. (example: payment method and car keys only)
  • You must wear a mask into the Salon. Elite will not provide one for you.
  • Appointments only. No walk-ins permitted.
  • Temperatures will be taken while you fill out your required paperwork.
  • Arrive at your appointment alone. ONE parent or guardian accompanying a minor or those with disabilities is allowed.
  • After signing all required paperwork, you will be asked to wash your hands before beginning your services.
  • Please use our online scheduling as much as possible for re-booking appointments.
  • Product purchases: Please do not touch any product on the shelf unless you are purchasing that product. All walk-in product sales are restricted at this time. Please call ahead for a product order, and we will be happy to bag it for you, contact you for over the phone payment and curb-side pick up!
What we are doing for you
  • All employees will have their temperatures taken at the beginning of their day, before seeing any clients.
  • We will be wearing masks and gloves.
  • All hair, manicure/pedicure stations and treatment rooms will be fully sanitized before and after each guest.
  • All capes and materials will be washed and sanitized before each client.
  • Blow-drying and shampooing will be limited to necessary treatments only.
  • There will be hand sanitizer available for you to use in convenient locations through out the Salon.
  • Hair, manicure, and pedicure stations will be adjusted to ensure a 6 foot distance. This will require us to only allow 2 pedicure appointments at the same time to ensure a safe distance.
  • Online payment is available for contact-less payment via the Mindbody app that allows you to save your credit card information. We want to limit the amount of cash and check payment as much as possible, but will still accept them when necessary.